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"Tighten the belts," the authorities said. You want the straps, not the straps. Wow, your lies !!!

"Tighten the belts," the authorities said. You want the straps, not the straps. Wow, your lies !!!

According to the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, 300 children die each year in Georgia from acute malnutrition, or related causes, such as pregnancy anemia, neonatal infancy, congenital anomalies associated with folic acid deficiency, and others. About 77,000 children live in extreme poverty and there is a risk that they will share the fate of Gogita Abashidze. A UNICEF study reported this data back in July 2012. However, the public's attention only came after the death of one-year-old Gogita. In total, 4,300 newborns have died in Georgia in the last 10 years.

According to Maya Kurtsikidze, UNICEF Communications Program Manager in Georgia, 9.4%, or 77,000 children, live in extreme poverty in Georgia, and this study found that "families with children are poorer and more vulnerable than other groups in society. And the existing social protection mechanisms in place in the country do not adequately address the interests of children. ” In the same study, the annual report concludes: “Every year 800 children die under the age of five. Of these, 700 die within the first 12 months, and 400 of these 700 die within the first week of birth, which is the most critical to sustaining life. 300 of them are related to some type of nutritional deficiency, such as obesity, anemia and so on, ”said Maya Kurchikidze.

UN recommendations

The UNICEF also made some recommendations to the authorities, including fortification of flour, enrichment with iron and folic acid. Also educating the general public to know how important such vitamins and microelements are to their health. There must be some demand from the public for products that are unfortunately not available today.

As for UN recommendations, UNICEF Georgia also addressed the new government in writing, with specific action areas such as education, health care, and social security. The recommendations are as follows: “First of all, the effectiveness of the existing social benefits system should be assessed. Second, create a working group that reviews the formula for needs assessment, that is, the methodology that grants ratings to certain families. Here, the needs of the child need to be taken into account in rating families. It is very important to establish and maintain a close connection between social agents and social workers ”…

It is also important to increase funding for social programs. “According to our calculations, the introduction of a monthly child allowance of GEL 30, which will cost the state a total of GEL 25 million, will be most effective in reducing child poverty. For example, if extreme poverty is 9.1 percent, it will drop to 3.9 percent. The most effective intervention at this stage will be universal child benefit, that is, of course, with the increase in pensions, ”said a UNICEF official.

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