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A place where talent and opportunities come true - Bidzina Ivanishvili

A place where talent and opportunities come true - Bidzina Ivanishvili

A place where talent and opportunities come true ...

The overwhelming majority of Georgians are well aware that education is as important to us as air and water. Only education is the weapon that will enable our youth to celebrate the glory days of our homeland. For a country like ours, education is the main resource on which the development strategy should be based.

Eleven years ago, my family and I started thinking and dreaming about creating a modern and powerful technological education hub in Georgia that would break into the Georgian educational and scientific space.

In 2012, I publicly promised the Georgian community that we would build a university in Kutaisi and return it to the function of an educational center. Today we all see that the first phase of construction is coming to an end and by September 2020, the first students will move into this building. This is important, of course, but today we need not just another university, but a place of higher education where the quality of education will be in line with international standards and recognized internationally. That is why, together with the best specialists in this field, we have been actively working in this field for several years and have achieved significant results.

We can say that we will have an international university in Kutaisi, whose management system, educational directions, researchers and lecturers will be in full compliance with the management system of the Technological University of Munich, with which Kutaisi International University has been cooperating since 2017.

In addition, Kutaisi International University works closely with leading educational and scientific centers around the world, such as the Iulich Research Center, the University of Aachen and the University of Rennes.

It is known to the public that the Cartu Foundation has been working on the accelerator project in Georgia for several years now and for this purpose, appropriate infrastructure is being established in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. This is a complex high-tech project, the successful implementation of which requires a proper scientific and research base, which involves both infrastructure and training.

The fund is gradually implementing its goal. In the first phase, Kutaisi will have a modern therapy center with cyclotron type accelerator, which will have both scientific-research and medical use. To this end, an agreement has already been signed with IBA, the world's leading accelerator manufacturer, in the field of accelerators.

At the same time, clusters of modern scientific institutes equipped with modern laboratories are being arranged in the center of Tbilisi, particularly in Digomi. The goal of both centers is to train relevant staff and bring up a new generation of Georgian scientists. The second phase of the project will create a large accelerator - synchrotron, which will bring Georgian science to a whole new level and enable our country to become a full-fledged part of the intellectual space of Europe and the world.

Thus, the Kutaisi University Complex comprises the EU-based international research technology center and the International Health Center, which today have no analogue in Georgia and are the first step in this direction.

I would like to emphasize that Georgian and foreign academic staff will work at Kutaisi International University, and the criteria for selection of academic and administrative staff will be fully defined according to the requirements of the Munich University of Technology.

I would also point out that the Cartu Foundation will remain only a private funder and not a proprietor of a university complex that will not be owned by anyone, but will be owned by a state university and the entire country.

We see that the 21st century will be the age of rapid development of science and technology. The world is changing daily and every year. The basis of this is knowledge and education. Our ancestors survived and left us this beautiful country through hard work and struggle. The main task facing Georgia today is to keep up with the current scientific and technological process in the world. We have talented young people who need the right conditions and the place where these talents and abilities are realized. This is the main purpose of establishing a state-of-the-art university in Kutaisi, an educational complex that will guide our country in the era of technological explosion.
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